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Ma Prenzels Balsamic Vinegar
Item No: 52-PrenzelBalsamicVinegar
Ma Prenzels Balsamic Vinegar
Mellow, aromatic and smooth. Ma Prenzel's Balsamic Vinegar has been lovingly hand crafted. We start with our magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar, which has been delicately aging in oak barrels in our brandy garden for over ten years. This traditionally inspired base ingredient is what gives our Balsamic vinegar its authenticity, depth, and age. We add to this base a reduced grape juice and soften it with smaller amounts of caramelised sugars, and a selection of exceptionally high quality natural extracts. The final masterpiece is a vinegar that has the inspired depth, complexity and quality of a Tradizionale grade Balsamic Vinegar.Made from natural flavours and gluten free this will quickly become a family favourite. Sprinkle over baked potatoes, hot chips or wedges and your taste buds will explode! 250ml Gluten Free
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