1. How does it work?

    The bulk of the products on the website are listed with basic branding included - 1 colour print or engrave etc - in one position.

    There are just a few products that are provided un-branded but talk to us if you want to brand it anyway. At the step where you CHOOSE YOUR BRANDING OPTION - you may be offered a selection of different decoration techniques like screenprint, embroidery, engraving etc.

    There will be different prices here for various techniques and quantities.

    Setup fees are usually charged every time for print. Embroidery often (not always) has free setup fees after initial setup.

    Decoration Colours - you can advise specific PMS colours if need be or choose a colour similar to those you require. Add a comment to the order at checkout if you have specific colour requirements. Extra colours will often attract an additional setup fee, depending on technique.

    Art/logos - Upload your files. They should ideally be .ai, .eps or high res PDF files created by a designer. If you don't have suitable art files, then email us and we can arrange affordable re-draws of your current artwork.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - Setup fees apply. For screenprint and pad print, there is a separate setup fee for every colour and every position/location so be aware!


  2. What is a 'Promotional Product'?

    We get asked this time and time again… a promotional product can be anything from traditional, funky or innovative products with your branding that can be used by your team, gifted to clients, sold - if you have a valued brand - or used as a gift with purchase to encourage sales of your own products.

    Branded apparel (uniforms) is also a promotional representative - further exposure for the brand which can be anything from a plumber to a Corporate team. Branding delivers cost effective marketing and an incentive for potential clients. Promotional items are the most tangible for the money spent in all marketing avenues. They promote brands, events, or any innovative idea you have in place.

    Common uses for promotional items:

    Trade shows and Conferences
    Corporate and Event merchandise
    Point of Sale (POS) and Gift with purchase (mostly for retail purposes)
    Motivation, Incentive and recognition programs for staff and or clients
    Corporate gifts for a lasting impression
    Apparel - from sports teams to business attire

  3. Do you do uniforms?

    Yes, we can do uniforms for all sorts of industries.

  4. Do you supply items other than those I can see online?

    YES - we have access to tens of thousands of products and we just can't manage them ALL online so PLEASE ask and you are likely to receive. We certainly entice people to think outside the box - we believe the more out of the box the product is the more it will be noticed!
    Our catalogue has fantastic products and a great variety however we have brought in wild and crazy items for clients which are far from the norm, albeit usually for larger orders.

    Just let us know your theme, budget, and target market and we come to you with ideas.

    Most of our suppliers are based right here in NZ however we also have access to products which can be shipped in direct from Australia, USA and Asia.

  5. What are the standard minimum order quantities?

    The minimums vary from product to product. Usually with headwear and apparel, it's around 6 units of each, then with promotional products it can be anywhere from 20 units to 1000 depending on the product. In saying that, we don't usually turn away small business.

    We appreciate that most of NZ businesses are small to medium size and we all need to be able to promote ourselves and look sharp in branded gear. Just be aware that if you purchase under minimum quantities, there will be additional charges per unit.

  6. Can I get a sample of an item?

    If it is important for you to understand the quality of a product prior to purchase, please request a sample first. This will be an un-branded sample.

    Pre-production samples are possible where your artwork is setup and printed on a single item but there is a cost for this and they aren't usually done except for very large orders.

    Un-branded samples will be credited as long as they are returned within 7-10 days in the same condition and packaging that they were supplied to you. Freight back to us is your cost. If the samples aren't returned within these guidelines, then you will be charged.

  7. What is your return policy?

    Branded products cannot be returned unless they are damaged, the branding is incorrect based on the proof or it is not the product you ordered. These items can obviously not be re-stocked if they have your brand on them.

    If it is important for you to understand the quality of a product prior to purchase, please request a sample first. This will be an un-branded sample.

    Pre-production samples are possible where your artwork is setup and printed on a single item but there is a cost for this and they aren't usually done except for large orders.

    Un-branded samples are usually provided free as long as they are returned within 7-10 days in the same condition and packaging that they were supplied to you. Freight back to us is your cost. If the samples aren't returned within these guidelines, then you will be invoiced for them.

  8. Can I add, cancel or delete items on my order if I change my mind?

    You may cancel or add products before signing the artwork proof at no charge. If stock has been ordered yet production has not commenced, there would be a $50.00 change fee. There may be a re-stocking and freight recovery fee depending on where the order is in the process.

  9. When do I need to pay?

    If you have an account with us and are a pre-approved purchaser, then our terms are strictly 20th of the month following.
    Casual customers are usually charged prior to production.

  10. What format does my artwork need to be in?

    Artwork must be sent through in one of the following formats to get the best result ? .eps or .ai ie: photoshop or Adobe Illustrator format, ideally a vector file. A high res PDF can be used but we have a few specifications for the file type. For embroidery we can usually accept a high resolution jpeg too. If your artwork is not of acceptable quality for a high quality impression, then we will suggest you either get your design team to provide a higher resolution image or we are very happy to have it re-drawn for you at a fee of between $40 - $80, depending on complexity.

  11. Can I get a visual proof of my artwork?

    We will always send you an electronic proof which will give you a visual impression of your artwork on a line-art version of the product. You will be expected to check positioning, size and colours and approve it based on this. If you have any concerns, we can arrange for a real swatch of the embroidery to be done and we will just charge freight for it to be delivered to you. If it's important to get a pre-production sample of print options, there will be a setup and print run charge applied - please enquire. Note that perception of colours can vary from device screen to screen so if you haven't given us PMS colours to work to, then final colour may differ slightly to how it appears on your screen.

  12. Can we supply our own gear for you to print or embroider?

    This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Often if it is high value retail items, we will say No as there is always a risk with decorating and if an error occurs, then it will not be possible to replace your items. If a decorating error is made on our own items which we source at wholesale, then we can replace them easily and have them re-done. If we accept your items for decorating, it will be entirely at your risk - we will take all care but no responsibility for either any damage to the goods or with any errors with the decorating.

  13. Can you pre-purchase products, brand and store them for us to draw down?

    Yes, we can do this however all product needs to be pre-paid by the client. We will store your pre-paid, branded stock so that your team/customers can draw down for fast delivery. We will bill you once per month for pick, pack and delivery costs for all orders. This allows you to get better pricing by purchasing in bulk, reduces any issues of stock not being available when required and faster delivery. We don't generally carry un-branded stock at all and order on a Just-in-Time system from various importers who carry minimum stock levels in NZ.

  14. What are setup charges?

    Setup charges cover the setup of artwork on supplier systems in preparation for embellishment runs. Embroidery on apparel is great as there are no repeat setup fees once it's setup so embroidery is a great choice for small runs. Screenprint is a very manual setup process with a whole screen requiring setup for each colour. Screenprint and Pad Print require a setup fee PER COLOUR and there will also be a print fee PER COLOUR. Full Colour options are sometimes available, like digital transfer etc which are a single setup fee. Setup fees vary by supplier and embellishment type.

  15. I want to change/remove artwork. Can I do that?

    Yes you can change your artwork, but there can be a change out fee depending on what needs to be changed

  16. Can I receive a pre-production sample for approval prior to my order being placed into production?

    You can usually receive pre-production samples where a single product is embellished to your requirements however there will usually be a charge - this varies by product type and embellishment type. If it?s a large indent order, this is free of charge once the order is signed off.

  17. How am I supposed to know how many stitches are required for embroidering my logo?

    Please check our ARTWORK GUIDE in the bottom menu. It is difficult to anticipate how many stitches are required but if you are reviewing the product you wish to purchase on the website, there should be a line-art drawing in Step 4 - Decoration. Here, you will see approximate sizes - the number of stitches allowed for are for an average logo of about this size which ISN'T fully filled in with stitches. If your logo needs to be fully filled in with stitches, then you may either complete your purchase with the size you estimate and we will contact you if further payment is required OR just send us your artwork with how large you want it to appear on your product and we will advise pricing.

  18. What are normal production and delivery timelines?

    The standard turnaround for orders is 7-10 WORKING days from sign-off of the artwork proof - please check product descriptions as some are 15-30 days. Lanyards are usually 15 WORKING days from proof. Make sure you allow time for the artwork to be proofed (1-2 days), a copy sent to you and your approval sent back when considering lead times. Any INDENT orders, usually large orders of 1000+ that are coming in from overseas, take from 12-16 weeks. How can I get my order faster? One way to improve your order turnaround is to supply the correct artwork format and sign the proof off ASAP once you receive it. Talk to us - some products can be pushed through faster than others and it all depends on availability on our suppliers production lines. If you have an urgent deadline, we'll see what we can do - sometimes there may be a fee for a rush order.

  19. Can I have my order shipped to multiple addresses?

    Yes you can - if there are many addresses, please send us the destination addresses in an excel spreadsheet and we'll take care of it from there. There will be a freight charge per delivery.

  20. What is Indent?

    Indent is when you place an order for goods that are generally imported from off-shore, especially for you. Indent orders require a 50% deposit and special terms apply. Indent orders are usually for 1000+ items - it depends on the value. Smaller numbers are sometimes possible. They are usually sea freighted here and can take anywhere between 8 - 16 weeks for production and shipping depending on where they come from. Air freight is possible. Please see the TERMS tab for more information in the bottom right corner of this website.

  21. What is a Company Store?

    A company store is a promotional product website with YOUR company logo on it. We provide a service where your staff or customers can log into your branded site and they will only be presented with your pre-approved merchandise. They can then order direct from there without needing to approach head office for an order.

  22. What is allaboutme.co.nz?

    Allaboutme.co.nz is where we host company stores , where your team can log in and purchase just your pre-approved products. Talk to us if you need a company store.